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Yoga at Home

The quieter you become the more
you are able to hear.

- Rumi

Mondays (7am - 9pm) all other weekdays (5pm -9pm)

About Me

Hello! My name is Martha (otherwise known as Beanie). My passion is to bring the healing art of Yin Yoga to others through introspective,meditative and deeply relaxing private or group classes; to help you find inner balance and peace in your every day.

Lotus Pose


I want to help you re-acquaint yourself with and strengthen your intuitive bodily wisdom, to empower and inspire you to love and honour yourselves fully and unconditionally. I want to spread the message that our worth is not defined by our bodies but by our hearts; and that everyone and every BODY is unique and that is something to be celebrated and honoured through this sacred art of movement and mind body union.


BeanieYoga was birthed (or should I say sprouted) from the desire to help people reclaim their power and encourage them to love and accept themselves unapologetically, because for many years I did not; it was not until I took my first Yin Yoga class that something unravelled inside of me, it was my first fully present moment of surrender and deep connection to my BODY, of this sacred vessel and it was a tonic I never knew I needed because I was so in my head but Yoga brought me back into my heart - and this is what I want to help each person find in my classes.


My passion in life and with my yoga classes is to hold space for people and guide them to reconnect with their body's wisdom, grow and nurture a loving and accepting relationship with their bodies and to reflect back to themselves their inherent WORTH, BEAUTY AND POWER.

Yoga Class

Yin Yoga

60 min/ £25

Having discovered yoga sessions with Martha, twice weekly, my overall health has dramatically improved (following trauma to both my legs around 2 years ago). Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and other treatments proved ineffective. Yoga now has given me real improvements including greater agility and suppleness, confidence, enhanced mood and overall a sense of achievement and all of this within just over 2 months! I am truly amazed and grateful. Thank you Martha.   


- Mr. Roy Smith (70 years old) 

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