About Me


Hello! My name is Martha (otherwise known as Beanie). My passion is to bring the healing art of Yoga to others through introspective, meditative and deeply relaxing private or group classes; to help you find inner balance and peace in your every day. I specialise in Yin Yoga, however I do offer both Hatha and Therapeutic classes as well. 

Beanie yoga was sprouted out of the deep desire to help others. My loved ones have always nicknamed me Beanie, but in a beautiful way I believe we are all like unique beans that all have the potential to blossom; and I hope my yoga classes and I can be the nourishing 'water' that helps you thrive and prosper.


My goal is to guide you through the experience of Yoga to unlock and harness your inner wisdom and power by creating a sacred and safe place for you to go within without the distraction of the 'outside noise' of everyday life and to  flourish into the best version of yourself in mind. body and spirit. I meet you at whatever level you are at - whether you are a beginner or have done yoga for years - and create bespoke sessions catering to what you want to focus on physically, mentally and emotionally.